About Us

From 2007 up to today… Through hell and high waters… Always upwards from the first step… Tremendous labor, exhaustion, but a successful journey of a team committed to the work it does.


After completing my education in Frankfurt am Main, Germany I became a stylist; then back to Turkey and then jumped into my real professional life as a stylist on women outerwear market in Nişantaşı. I spent a wonderful 7 years in Nişantaşı…


I started tango dancing in 2007 following the passion of my spouse… And I bought a pair of dance shoes like everybody else… As a women and being a stylist one wishes to design, improve and personify everything she wears, every place she lives in. Eventually my first shoes were far away from reflecting my gusto, or my mood. And my story started… I never forget the comment of one of my foreigner customers years ago when I had my first tiny shop. She said “Handan you have a tiny shop but feels like like that you’ve got lots of shoes”. I replied “each one of them has their own soul and may be you feel it; they are not just shoes but they are part of me”. Today still I feel the same… Sometimes I pray that a shoe I designed and produced with so much love to be bought by someone who really loves it. My crew tells me “we will produce a copy of the same model so you can sell it freely” but no one ever can understand/know how special “that” model is for me…


To get back to my story, I decided to design and produce my own shoes. I founded my company, registered my brand and founded my first shop in Moda. Now I can readily say I developed myself and my job year by year. There is enormous difference between my first products and what I produce today. Today we can reach all over the globe. Whereas our first distributor was in Greece, today we have sales points in countries such as Germany, Croatia, The Russian Federation, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Switzerland and The United States. We deliver all over the world via PTT cargo.


My staff are all careful, meticulous and work with their experience gained through many years. All materials, leathers, heels and accessories we use are superior quality that is available in the market. Our seam and sewing quality is also the same… The quality of our work is out of any discussion. In shoe industry we are able to compete with largest companies on earth. We are a giant team of 5 hard core staff. We devote same care, accuracy and love in producing 100 pairs as we do for a single pair.


You will never regret you know us. We are very proud to meet you.


I, Handan Tanır,

Welcome aboard…