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ledlsus Hamile olabilirsiniz…
Ayaklarınız balon gibi şişiyor olabilir… Amaaaa@tangueram sizi şık göstermenin her zaman bir yolunu bulur😎
When you are pregnant your feet may seem like a baloon but@tangueram will always
make you stylish and elegant😍😍😍

Leda A.

 “Hello Handan! How are you?! I can’t wait to order some more shoes soon. This is my favorite style. I am in love with your shoes. I hope you won’t change them… the sole gives the best line for my foot and leg. I can’t wear any other Tango shoe! Only you! I am devoted!!!!

Justine S.

Hi Handan!
I wanted to let you know that I got the shoes today 😍 they are absolutely gorgeous and I love them very much! Another addition to my Tanguera collection 😍😍

Mariya K.

Good morning , I received my shoes , it’s so beautiful I like it , I will send you the pic once I get back to my home , thank you again ☺❤

Wafa E.K.

This pair is unbelievably comfortable!! I never thought this material is more comfortable than leather.

Irina P.

I got shoes Handan! Fit perfectly but I have not dance in them yet☺Thank you! Will do dance test on Saturday.

Natalia Z.

Handan hanım merhaba
Ayakkabılarımdan çok memnun kaldım tekrar çok teşekkür ederim☺

Ayşe E.

Liebe Handan, ich habe am Samstag in deinen Schuhe Getanzt! Super gehalten, bequem!!! Danke nochmals für super Schuhe!

Adelina A.

Dear Handan, I am forwarding you the picture as a highly satisfied customer.

Dominika G.

Hello Handan! Sorry I was traveling!
The shoes arrived and I am IN LOVE with them they are perfect…
I will send pictures soon!

Justine S.

Hi dear Handan! I got the new pair of shoes two days ago from a friend who came back from Beijing
They are truly gorgeous and fit very nicely!!!
The plastic feels a little hard (I am not very used to it) but I already used them for a full rehearsal and feel it softer and molding to my feet! I am hoping to use them in one of our upcoming presentations!

Manuela R.

Thank you so much dear Handan ♥♥♥
The shoes are amazing!
Unbelievably comfortable and beautiful 😍
Tonight is the opening milonga for London festival, and I can’t choose 😂

Katerina K.

Hey Handan, I am very happy with the shoes. They are very comfortable. Thanks.

Liliane B.

Hello, Handan!
I want to tell you that I finally had the opportunity to “dance my Tanguera shoes” 😊
They are awesome!
I don’t feel the height of the heel, they have a good stability around the foot ball, a good padding, and they fit perfectly on my feet.
I love them.

Cristina W.

Die Schuhe sind angekommen und passen perfekt wie immer. Vielen Dank sie werden heute Abend direkt ausprobiert.

Raphaela K.

Hello Handan!! I am in love with my shoes!!!! They are so comfortable, they help me dance better… They are like magic! I would like to order another pair in the same size and model but different color.

Justine S.

Dear Handan! The shoes arrived in Los Angeles! They are so beautiful, I am so happy. I have never had a tango shoe this beautiful. It fits me perfectly! Wow, thank you so much! Lot’s more dancing to come..I can’t wait to order more shoes from you in the near future! Do you dance tango in Turkey as well? With love.


Wore mine for the first time last night! I felt like feather! They are not only gorgeous but also super comfy!  thank you Handan and ladies for letting me come across these beautiful art work

Jiyoon B.

Thank you so much for the awesome shoes! Handan Tanir (Tanguera dance shoes) my very first from these amazing shoes artists!

Anna B.

Verdiğiniz dostça fikirleriniz için, güzel ayakkabılarım için ve iyi dilekleriniz için çok teşekkür ederim Handan Hanım.

Pınar S.

My new Wonder Woman inspired dance shoes make me fly! Thanks Handan for taking extra special care of the bespoke and truly amazing shoes! I love them. I can’t wait to wear them at the Paisley International Tango Festival

Taryn M.

Thank you dear Handan Tanir For that amazing Shoe!!! it is soft and creates great adherence with the Floor & most of all its capability to help create well dosed pivots and enrosques!

Ziad K.

They are amazingly comfortable! 한국 탱고친구님들, 이제껏 신어 본 탱고 슈즈 중 압도적으로 편해요. 아직 춤은 안춰봤는데 집에서 신었다가 편해서 신고 청소도 하고 가구도 옮김;;;

Jiyoon B.

I was at a loss for words but luckily in my case this lasts a quick second. Handan Tanir and her wonderful, kind and talented team have hand-crafted absolutely the most comfortable, beautiful shoes I have ever been lucky enough to wear. From the moment I started my “journey” with them – the initial order to our online communication to all the other adjustments they made in order for these lovely heels to make my big day comfortable and special, have been amazing! They fit p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y and I literally feel as though I am walking on air (they weigh nothing)! Anyone looking for tailor-made shoes, Tanguera is IT!  Only problem is, now I`m hooked  Thank you!

Iva B.

Handan I just received the shoes and they fit just perfectly! They are beautiful! Thank you so much.

Tatiana K.

My mom loves them. She told me you’re the best in tango shoes. She has been dancing for 10 years so she knows something about how tango shoes fit.

Ludovica B.

Her canlı, bir gün Handan hanımın efsane ayakkabılarından giyecektir

Nazan Ç.

New stage shoes ! I can’t wait to perform my pink flamingo and bewitched love acts with them!  #shoes #addiction #stage #glitters made by Tanguera dance shoes

Marine O.

Bu muhteşem ayakkabı için çoook teşekkür ederim Handan Tanir. İnanılmaz rahat güzel ve şık ellerinize sağlık TANGUERA DANCE SHOES

Şükran M.Y.

TANGUERA DANCE SHOES become your feet! Most comfortable Tango Shoes you can wear!

Dilay K.A.

Sevgili Handan Hanımcığım. Daha önce topuklu ayakkabı ile yürüyemeyen ben bana özel yaptırdığınız ayakkabılarımla uçarak dans ediyorum çok teşekkürler.

Elçin T.

I used my new shoes yesterday at a milonga for the first time. I received so many envious comments!!! Thank you. They are amazing. Perfect fit and fantastic design.

Hans B.

I put the brand new Paisley Pattern Tanguera shoes on at 6.30 pm Friday night, took them off 1 am Monday. My feet were perfect. WOW. How do you make your shoes so perfect. Paisley Tango are delighted to be offering the same high fashion, high quality shoes to all their pupils.

Drew M.

Loving my Handan Tanir shoes. Comfiest than slippers and most glamorous! Thanks you x.

Taryn M.

Bu akşam ki festivalde Handancığımın tasarımı olan “gece” yi giyeceğim   daha iyisini yapana kadar en güzeli benimmkii işteee

Meral K.G

Bir kadin icin en onemli aksesuar ayakkabidir! Ayakkabi candir. Bu mutlu gunumde şıklıgıma şıklık katan bu guzel ayakkabilar tabi ki de sevgili Handan’in eseri… tesekkurler @tangueram

Leda A.